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Our final motivation article is all about YOU……

The Biggest Loser

I am a “Loser”. You say as lots of your friends tell you this, RIGHT? Today the reason why you too must be a “Loser” is because people tell you this and you believe them, why shouldn’t you they are after all your friends!!!

In all seriousness, let me share something with you, over twenty million Americans watched the evolution of a winner in a reality show called “The Biggest Loser”. This particular show involved severely overweight and obese contestants that had simply lost all control of their weight. The winner that ultimately lost the most body weight and decreased his overall body fat was awarded $250,000.

I want to correlate this show to business, life and to YOUR personal success. You need to be the Biggest Loser when it comes to changing your associations with others. One of the contestants on the show was severely obese to the point that others would look at him and say to themselves, “He will never be healthy …he’s past the point of no return…he’s really disgusting.” But that person made the decision to change his life and become the ultimate winner of the Biggest Loser. Are you ready to take a similar path, to shake off everything and become the Biggest winner?

Realization be honest with yourself.
You must realize where you are today. The winner of the Biggest Loser realized that he was overweight and would ultimately die from his decisions to allow himself to become so unhealthy. He realized that enough is enough, and he made a change. I challenge you right now to take a good hard and HONEST look at yourself, where you are in your life. Have you had enough? Do YOU want to do something about it? Lose all your negative thoughts, habits and unfortunately associations.

Accountability, own up to yourself.
As soon as your accepting the realization of where you are in your life you become accountable to only one person…and we all know whom that person is RIGHT? In order that the contestants to become the Biggest Loser and drop massive amounts of weight they had to have the iner desire to do so. These individuals look like completely different people today. This is similar to your progression towards your ultimate Why in life. People start saying that you are changing…you act different, you sound different, you listen to different CDs, you read different books and you even look different. You are on a success journey and accountable to Champions on your Mastermind Team. Where are you in your life? Are others noticing these differences about you? If not, it’s time to drop the negative associations and habits sorry but negative breeds negative just like those contestants dropped that weight.

Extra Step, Can you take it?
The contestants pushed themselves to go the extra mile by participating in extra workouts, taking advantage of the extra associations with others that have goals and dreams like them and pushing themselves that extra step not to take part in indulgences that would ruin their overall goal of losing weight and becoming The Biggest Loser. Have you taken that extra step by attending extra events/seminars, making extra calls, investing in extra CDs and associating with extraordinary people? This extra step ‘the critical step” will push you to the next level and give you that edge that others don’t have.

Give yourself a reward.
Reward yourself as you begin to change and go to the next level. When you go to an extra event/seminar, save the ticket, your name tag, etc. and put them in your dream journal. This is a way of saying “I did it! I went that extra step and now this is my reward!” Be excited about that extra step and reward yourself with praise and self-acknowledgment.

Ask your Wife/Family to become your Personal Coach
Every single person on that show had a Personal Coach. Are you happy where you are in your life? Is your family happy with you? Do you need to lose weight, lose debt, gain health, gain wealth, lose negative associations, gain a Mastermind Team, gain prosperity, lose failure and/or gain success? A major secret to achieve your ultimate goal or objective and the importance of a Personal Coach. The first thing that The Biggest Loser did when he won the $250,000 was hug his Personal Coach. Why? Because his Personal Coach was there each and every step of the way. There is great excitement in the experience of personal accomplishments. That’s what happens when you become a Champion…that’s what life is all about! You can’t do it alone!

In order to become a Winner in life, you must first become a “Loser”. THINK THINK THINK.

And now turn that thinking into ACTION ACTION ACTION….NOW do not procrastinate let’s get going, find that job, and make everyone happy, the most important one being YOU.